Drivers for ONSPEC

The following are some of the communication I/O Templates and Drivers currently supported for ONSPEC. Please contact us for specific Driver availability. We offer both OPC Server and Client support for Windows ONSPEC.

Driver development tools are available for the development of custom interfaces to ONSPEC. These tools provide the hooks and sample code needed for an experienced engineer to connect data acquisition devices into the real time ONSPEC database. In addition, we are glad to quote driver writing and testing.

  • xxx-5220   ABB

  • xxx-5225   Accuscan

  • xxx-5250   Allen-Bradley KT, KT2 and KTXD dual port card

  • xxx-5275   Allen-Bradley Ethernet Connection using CSP Protocol

  • xxx-5300   Allen-Bradley Serial Connection using a KF Module

  • xxx-5700   Bailey Net 90

  • xxx-5750   Bristol Babcock RDC 3330

  • xxx-6380   Data Scan

  • xxx-6385   Digimatex

  • xxx-6500   Digitronics SixNet

  • xxx-9901   FATEK FBs Series PLC

  • xxx-6720   Fisher PROVOX

  • xxx-6950   Foxboro M/760/761

  • xxx-6955   Foxboro for AI Software, includes LSO for Unix

  • xxx-7000   GE Series 6/90-30

  • xxx-7005   Harrel

  • xxx-7050   HP 4800

  • xxx-7400   Honeywell PCSI

  • xxx-7700   Infinity

  • xxx-7820   Klockner-Moeller

  • xxx-7955   Mettler MultiRange ID5

  • xxx-7960   Mitsubishi SAA

  • xxx-7965   Mitutoyo MIG

  • xxx-8000   Modicon Modbus RTU/ASCII

  • xxx-8005   Modicon Modbus Plus

  • xxx-9902   Modbus ULTRA (Custom)

  • xxx-8010   Modbus Ethernet

  • xxx-8050   Moore Products Micro 352

  • xxx-8060   NDC

  • xxx-8070   OMRON Serial connection communicating via Hostlink Protocol

  • xxx-8075   OMRON Ethernet (Omron Anynet box com to Syslink/Sysnet protocols)

  • xxx-8080   OPC Client

  • xxx-8085   OPC Server

  • xxx-8100   OPTO Optomux / LC2

  • xxx-8175   Ram Optical

  • xxx-8200   Rugged

  • xxx-8375   SeaMetal 9000

  • xxx-8410   Siemens Simatic S5/525 w/3964/3964R Protocol

  • xxx-8500   Square D Symax

  • xxx-8520   Square D Symax Ethernet

  • xxx-8700   Texas Instruments - TIWay

  • xxx-8780   Texas Instruments - TI530

  • xxx-9100   Westinghouse Numalogic

  • xxx-6300   Daniel Industries 2500

  • xxx-6450   Datem Honeywell Microswitch

  • xxx-6550   Eagle Signal Controls Eptak

  • xxx-6700   Fischer and Porter Chameleon/Supervisor

  • xxx-6710   Fischer and Porter LOC

  • xxx-6715   Fisher Control CHIP ARTIC (See note 11)

  • xxx-6730   Fisher Controls DPR 9000

  • xxx-6750   luke Helios

  • xxx-7100   Honeywell Gateway 300/400/500

  • xxx-7300   Honeywell LCI/SSC

  • xxx-7350   Honeywell PCIM

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