ONView is a key component in the ONSPEC main package. It provides high resolution interactive graphic trends for monitoring and analysis of real-time and historical data.

ONView can display one or two graphs per window, with up to seven pens (trends) on each graph. Parameters for the graphical display such as X and Y scaling, trending colors, and historical vs. real-time, are easily configured by the user.

Functioning like a movable camera, ONView allows the user to analyze specific slices of history by utilizing the zoom in, zoom out, pen backward and pen forward features. Cursor mode pinpoints the value at any desired data sample.

In this document, the name ONView refers to the 32 bit ONView products that include ONView for OS/2 and ONView for Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

The position of ONView in an ONSPEC system is illustrated in the ONSPEC System Architecture on the next page.

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