Visitor Tracker

What is visitor tracker?

A free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats.

Insert a simple piece of our code on your web page or blog and you will be able to analyse and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time!

Free, Fast, Responsive, Quick loading and Reliable Service. (Why is it free?)
Invisible Tracking - no ads on your website.
Accurate real-time website statistics with detailed visitor tracking and analysis.

Invisible Counter Option

Allows all users to install an invisible counter on their site. This is important if you wish to include the tracking code on your site without it disturbing the design of your site.

Magnify User

Using the magnify tool, you can 'zoom in' on individual visitors and get a detailed report on where they are from, their system settings, and most importantly, what link reffered them to your site and their navigation path through your site.

Drill Down

Drill Down is a very powerful tool, and one of the most advanced features we offers. It allows you to drill down on your stats and view visitors relating to them - because you can drill down on many of the stats we offers, it's difficult to provide a comprehensive example, but here's one way in which this can be used:

Popular Pages

This tool allows you to see the pages of your site ranked by popularity.
This information is important to allow you to identify the most heavily visited pages, and optimise them for maximum impact. It can also help you discover potentially important pages which are getting overlooked - this could indicate poor navigation structure or linking to that page. Of course, you can drill down on your Popular Pages to see which visitors loaded them, and magnify those visitors for more detail.

Entry Pages

An entry page is the first page a visitor arrives at when they visit your site. There are often a lot more of these than just your homepage! It's important that the first page a visitor loads on your site makes a good impression, and this tool can help you identify which pages are the most commonly used entry pages. It can also highlight pages you did not expect to be entry pages, which you can subsequently optimise to keep a visitor on your site and drive them to your key pages. You can also drill down on your entry pages to show the visitors who entered on them, and magnify those users to find out how they got there.

Exit Pages

Opposite to the entry pages, are exit pages - pages your visitors use to leave your site. No webmaster needs to be told the importance of knowing where their visitors are abandoning their site! This tool shows you the most common Exit Pages, allowing you to optimise those pages to keep visitors on your site.

Keyword Analysis

Traffic from search engines is the lifeblood of most websites, and many webmasters are familiar with the importance of ranking high in search engines for keywords relating to their site. This tool allows you to view the keywords used to reach your site, ranked by their popularity. This can help you identify keywords that are working, and those that aren't, so that you can optimise accordingly. For example, if you know a particular keyword is generally very popular for your type of site, but the tracker indicates that it ranks low among the keywords used to reach your site, then there is an opportunity there to optimise for that keyword and generate more traffic from it.
You can also group keywords according to the search engine used, to focus in on results from specific engines.
Of course, you can also drill down on a keyword to view specific visitors who used that keyword, and magnify them for more detail.

Recent Keyword Activity

This tool features up-to-the-second reporting of keywords used to reach your site, the visitors who used them, and what search engine was used. The most recently used keywords appear toward the top. You can click the magnify button to view more detail on the visitor who used that keyword.

Country/State/City Stats

These stats allow you to identify the geographical location of visitors to your site. Asides from the fun of seeing all the different places your visitors come from, this tool can be useful in identifying if you need to be catering more toward international visitors. For example, if a large number of visitors are coming from another country, it may be worth investigating translated versions of your site, or whether you should accepting that country's currency (if you're an eCommerce website).You can also view the State or Regions of your visitors, and the cities they come from.
Of course, you can also drill down on countries, states and cities to show and magnify individual visitors from those places.

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