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The World Interface is a set of tools that allows external application programs to access the ONSPEC data tables (DII, DOO, EUR, EUI, FLG, OUT, SCA & STRs), tags and queues. The product provides a set of APIs (Application Program Interfaces) that can be accessed by any 32 bit programming language supporting DLL calls. For OS/2 we have tested Borland C++ 2.0, IBM Visual Age C++ 3.0 and WatCOM C++. For MS we have tested Visual Age C++ 4.0 + and IBM Visual Age C++ 3.5. Includes JAVA and REXX support. For OS/2, A source module is provided to build a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that provides the ability to create additional OCL (ONSPEC Command Language) Functions, and provides the ability to participate in the ONSPEC switch list box. Part # 4000

The Technology Pack is the tool kit provided to create an I/O Template/Driver for ONSPEC. Procedures required to access ONSPEC queues are included. Sample source code provided in the package and can be modified to handle protocol of the hardware device. For OS/2 the Borland C++ compiler is required and is purchased separately. For Microsoft, Visual C++ is required and is purchased separately. Part # 4650

RPL Tech Pack for OS/2 is used for Driver conversion of 16-bit ONSPEC Drivers into the ONSPEC-bit for OS/2 environment for clients who have written their own 16-bit Drivers using the 16-bit RPL Tech Pak. Requires RPL Compiler. Part # 4655

The Programmers Pack includes a source module to replace the standard alarm messaging structure, an example of file format source code to the 32-bit version of Histview and a World Interface are included. Source code is provided for Borland C++; however, the source can be converted to other 32-bit languages if you don't change entry procedures and calling conventions. Compilers are not included. Part # 4100

The Control Pack implements a Digital Direct Control (DDC) system in a PC with maximum price-performance ratio. ONSPEC Control Pack includes the 1-for-3 ANN Controller, a patented technology based on Model-Free Adaptive Control Theory. The 1-for-3 Controller can control most industrial loops by simply identifying the desired set point(s). The product supports up to 50 loops and includes 15 additional control algorithms. Part # 0600

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