ONQuality - Part Number 1463

ONQuality is a real-time quality management software system that integrates real-time statistical process quality data from receiving, processing, manufacturing and the laboratory to provide complete Stastical Process Control (SPC) and tracking of your production process. ONQuality utilizes the latest Graphical User Interface (GUI) technology, which is object oriented. The data is stored in a user definable SQL database. ONQuality connects to any ODBC Relational database.

ONQuality supports both manual data entry and real-time data acquisition. For real-time I/O use the appropriate I/O template with ONSPEC. ONQuality supports networking through the database program being used. In the case of IBM, ONQuality uses the DB2/2 Client/Server database. In addition, ONQuality can use real-time ONSPEC data via LSO 32 (Large System ONNet).

  • ONQuality
  • Operating System
  • ODBC compliant Relational Database
  • I/O Template
  • Large System ONNet (LSO)

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